"After having our first child I was super nervous about getting back in shape.  I felt like I was going to be so far behind all the other moms in the class and I would never get back to where I was, pre-baby.  Everyone in the class is at a different point, fitness wise, and that has been really comforting. Mommy Fit has been the perfect addition to my plan.  It is like having a personal trainer 5 days a week and way more affordable.  The hour long workout is very challenging, social, and starts my day off right.  I recommend it to everyone!!"


"Mommy Fit made moving here 3 years ago really easy!  I have great friends, do incredible workouts, and most importantly I am with my kids!"

                              - Devin

"My kids and I love Mommy Fit! Not only does it keep me in shape and the kids entertained, but I have met such a great group of moms who have been so supportive and caring of my whole family. Mommy Fit is a huge blessing and I don't know what I'd do without it!"